Manufacture and development of a testing container


ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 a ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016

10.09.2018 ZIMA-Engineering was certified by 3EC by a system for quality and environment management according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 a ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016.

Development and manufacture of a manipulation accessory


Vývoj a výroba podavače těsnění

## Development and manufacture of gasket feeder 25.06.2018

Development and manufacture of a controlling and screwing station

## Vývoj a výroba kontrolní a šroubovací stanice 12.06.2018

Development of a cutting head

14.02.2018 ZIMA-Engineering has successfully completed the development and manufacturing of a pneumatic cutting head for use on CNC milling cutters. Oscillation up to 11 500 RPM.

Purchase of CAD system NX

2.10.2017 ZIMA-Engineering has purchased high-level CAD system NX.

Development and manufacture of tacking agent machine


23.06.2016 Spustili jsme službu pro výměnu dat se zákazníky:

Development and manufacture of battery manipulator


Development and manufacture of tacking agent


Development and manufacture of single-purpose tacking agent


Development of tactile device


Development and manufacture of welding support structure (2x)


Design of steel construction


Design of projection documentation drawings for waste processing


Development and manufacture of welding support structure


Concrete grinder

26.3.2015 First successful tests of a machine for grinding concrete surfaces. Removed material is siphoned by industrial hoover. The machine can work on ground, wall and ceiling. It was developed for use in nuclear energetics.

Machine for pressing straw

26.3.2015 First successful test of machine for straw pressing

Table mechanism

18.11.2014 Development, manufacture and assembly of table mechanism used for movement and replacemend of table tiles. A full tile is replaced by LCD monitor and a tile with keyboard and mouse.

ZIMA-CAD-Parts 0.5.0

18.11.2014 A new version of ZIMA-CAD-Parts has been released. It features an updated user interface, part viewer, which can now display DXF files, thanks to our library ZIMA-libqdxf, and other enhancements after more than one year of development.

ZIMA-CAD-Sync 1.2.1

7.11.2014 A new version of ZIMA-CAD-Sync has been released. It fixes an unexpected application crash when creating a new folder on server.


16.6.2014 A new version of ZIMA-PS2PDF has been released. It attends to conversion errors and supports saving files to a relative path.

Single purpose machine for testing EKT

13.03.2014 Development, manufacture and delivery of single purpose machine for testing EKT for KIEKERT.

Strategic partnership

7.2.2014 ZIMA-Engineering has made a partnership with Miroslav Studený, Kovoobrábění, residing in Přelouč, not far away from our design office in Přelovice.

ZIMA-libqdxf 1.0.0

17.10.2013 We have released a library for viewing DXF files.

ZIMA-CAD-Sync 1.2.0

23.7. We have released new version of ZIMA-CAD-Sync.

Open source case for open source phone GTA04

12.12. We have created open source case for GTA04

New website launched

17.7. We have activated a new version of our web prezentation.